Acceptable Use Rules

Acceptable Use Rules

1. General Rules:
  a. Take measures to prevent unauthorized access and use of the Services.
  b. Keep login credentials confidential.
  c. Monitor and control all activity conducted through your Fierce Links account.
  d. Promptly notify Fierce Links of any security breaches.
  e. Comply with the applicable terms of the Social Networks you connect through Fierce Links.
  f. If you upload children's content to YouTube websites, applications, services, or products using Fierce Links, declare it for children on YouTube's desktop site.

2. Restrictions:
  a. Make the Services available only to your Authorized Users.
  b. Do not enable multiple individuals to use a single log-in to the Services, or exceed the limits set by your Services plan.
  c. Do not sell, trade, or transfer any Services to another party.
  d. Upload or share only the Customer Content that you own or have the right to share.
  e. Do not store or transmit any Content, including Customer Content, that may infringe on intellectual property, violate privacy or publicity rights, or infringe on any other rights.
  f. Do not use the Services to send spam or unsolicited messages.
  g. Do not upload or transmit any Content that contains or redirects to harmful components.
  h. Do not attempt to reverse engineer, disable, disrupt, or modify the features or performance of the Services or Social Networks.
  i. Do not attempt unauthorized access, circumvention, or disruption of the Services, Social Networks, or related systems or networks.
  j. Do not access the Services to build a similar or competitive product or service, or copy ideas, features, or graphics.
  k. Do not engage in abusive practices that degrade the performance of the Services for yourself or other users.
  l. Do not use the Services for redistribution, syndication, or fraudulent activities.
  m. Do not use or disclose Content (or information derived from Content) surveillance, analysis, profiling, or monitoring sensitive events, in violation of privacy laws or regulations.
  n. Do not access or use Content from Twitter if you represent a government-related entity engaged in surveillance or intelligence activities.
  o. Do not allow or encourage any third party to engage in any of the restricted activities above.

3. Using and Transferring Mentions:
  When obtaining Mentions from Social Networks or other Third-Party Services through Fierce Links:
  - You control the use and processing of personal data associated with those Mentions.
  - Ensure compliance with privacy laws and the terms and conditions imposed by the Social Networks or Third-Party Services.

4. Additional Rules for Contests or Submitted Content:
  - Do not request participants to submit sensitive personal information or violate applicable laws, rules, or regulations.
  - Do not refer to Fierce Links or use its name, trademarks, or trade names in connection with submitted content requests.

5. Conflict:
  If any conflict arises between these Acceptable Use Rules and the Terms, the Terms will govern.